I.D./35 mm/Hindi -English/90 minutes/India/2012
Charu and her friends share a rented apartment in a sky-rise in Mumbai. All in their mid-twenties, and each hailing from different parts of the country, they have come here to make this bustling metro their home.

One day a labourer comes to paint a soiled wall at her house. Irritated that her flat-mate did not inform her, she asks the man to hurry up. A few minutes later, she finds him unconscious on the floor.

Charu, panicked and desperate to do whats right, gets entwined in a series of incidents that take her through the city. Anywhere that might lead her to some identity of the man. Even a name.
Identity. What defines us? How do we connect to our environment with a greater sensitivity at a time when there is an ever-widening divide between us?
Many thoughts occurred to me when I heard my friend narrating an experience she had. A labourer working at her house collapsed in the midst of his work. This man had no form of identification on him. She didnt know who to ask to aid in getting medical help for him. It evoked many questions in me.
I started writing it and left one part of the story unwritten. I believed the process would reveal that to us.

We started shooting the film in real locations. The city spoke to us, through her myriad migrant peoples - people who had come here from various parts of the country in search of a better life.
The process of making this film revealed unknown urban spaces to me, spaces that are screaming to be heard. Behind our protagonist, Charu, our film crew traversed these spaces engaging in the search for the identity of a nameless man, who we were trying to place in the vast anonymity of the city.
Collective Phase One truly brings together the vision of movie-making that independent filmmakers and producers have always dreamed of. A space where established professionals pool in their invaluable resources to make the kind of cinema, that the mainstream industry would hesitate to support. Collective Phase One is an attempt to realize that dream.

Initiated by Resul Pookutty CAS,MPSE, Rajeev Ravi, Madhu Neelakandan, Sunil Babu, B. Ajithkumar and Kamal K.M, the vision comes together. Collective Phase One is owned by no one. It has truly emerged from a collective commitment to cinema.

ID is the Collectives first production.

Geetanjali Thapa
Murari Kumar
Rukshana Tabassum
Shinjini Raval
Shashi Sharma

Bachan Pachera
Alok Chaturvedi
Divyendu Sharma
Vinay Sharma
Karma Takapa

Tushar Tupe
Archana Nandi
Pankaj Purandare
Harry Satnani
Dinkar Gavande

Preeti Sharma
Arun Sukumar
Ashish Verma
Gaurav Sharma
Pawan Singh

Kishor Mukhi
Vinod Hegde
Sashi Bhushan
Mehek Kiran Jadhav
Saharsh Kumar Shukla
Habib Azmi Shaikh
Mukesh Chabbra

Vaishnavi Reddy

Jayadev Tiruveaipati

John P. Varkey
Sunil Kumar

Vivek Sachidanand
Anish John

Resul Pookutty CAS,MPSE
Arunav Dutta

B. Ajithkumar

Balakrishna P.Subbiah
Sunil Babu

Madhu Neelakandan

Tushar Radhakisan Tupe

Alan McAlex
Ajay G. Rai
Resul Pookutty CAS,MPSE
Rajeev Ravi
Madhu Neelakandan
Sunil Babu
B. Ajithkumar

Prateek Vats
Pankaj Purandare
Kamal K.M.

Kamal K.M.
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